Sporting Fencing

Having fenced around your sports court / field has become the norm, to not only help contain any stray ball but also to keep players safe and away from any nearby roads or spectators. The standard type of fencing used is chain wire fencing (available in Galvanised, powder coated black or green) or alternatively soft netting can be used. Soft netting can be installed in a draw curtain fashion, to be slid in place when needed and then put away to open up the play area when required. 

If you are looking to install fencing around your sports area, it is important to know the guidelines and specifications to build to. GW Fencing have extensive experience in this area and can help if you need any advice. Also keep in mind a clear view is needed for the spectators so they can easily see the match played in front of them.

Here at GW Fencing we only top-quality materials to keep your asset protected, using our fencing that has been designed and constructed to last.

Some sports that would greatly benefit from sporting fencing/netting:

  • Ovals
  • Baseball / Softball Fields and Diamonds
  • Cricket Fields / Practice cages
  • Basketball Courts
  • Tennis Courts
  • Rugby Fields
  • Futsal Courts